The Correct Way of Planting a Tree

One of the ideal things you can do to increase the curb appeal and resale value of your house is to plant a tree. Aside from that, you’re also helping the environment. However, planting a tree does not mean you’re just going to drop the new plant into a hole. You will have to do several things to guarantee it thrives and have a healthy life that will last for many years.  

Spring is the ideal time to plant a tree, according to professional tree services Coral Springs companies. Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to properly plant one.  

How to Properly Plant a New Tree 

The correct way to plant trees appears easy on paper. However, both you and tree professionals have to think about a lot of factors to guarantee the correct conditions during and before planting. Here are several tips you can follow before you start digging a hole in your lawn and plant a tree sapling. Following these tips can help guarantee a smooth process and optimal tree growth.  

Before Digging a Hole 

Correct planting and care are the keys to the long-term health of your new tree. You’ve got to ensure the spot is ideal for the tree you want to plant before digging a hole. You’ve got to ensure you think about the diameter and height of the root system and canopy of the mature tree. You should plant the tree far from your home if it is going to be tall when it matures.  

Then, you also have to guarantee that the type of soil and pH levels on your lawn are ideal with the tree you want to plant. You might want to fix the soil properly by incorporating additional nutrients. A professional tree care company can examine the soil and recommend a couple of necessary adjustments and changes.  

Also, don’t forget to mark any underground utilities, whether you’re hiring a professional or plating the tree by yourself. With this, you can avoid hitting the lines with the tools and avoid the roots of the tree from interfering with the utility lines. Before you dig a hole, contact your local authorities to examine and mark the locations in your lawn. 

Planting the Tree 

You can expect a couple of issues to occur if you don’t plant the tree properly. A root-bound tree is one common problem to consider. If you want to avoid this, here are some tips to follow: 

  • Look for a tree with a root ball of 10-12 inches in diameter 
  • Get rid of girdling and unhealthy roots.  
  • Do not buy a tree sapling with tight root spirals 

You’ve got to guarantee that the hole is deep enough. Also, leave several inches of loose dirt under the root ball. Once you’re done planting the tree, water it properly to get rid of air pockets in the soil. Apply a layer of mulch around your tree sapling. However, make sure you avoid applying too much mulch since it can affect the growth of the tree.