Outdoor security lighting is your best option if you want to increase the security around your house without sacrificing the comfort and beauty of your yard. The correct security lighting can help spread light around your lawn, keep people safe by providing visibility at night, and deter crime.  

It’s a well-worth investment to install security lighting around your house. However, you still have to do your research. You can easily choose the right type of security lighting if you know the different types.  

So, before you hire an outdoor lighting Coral Springs company, here are several types to consider: 

Timed Exterior Lighting 

Timed exterior lighting is a form of outdoor lighting that is set on a schedule. The lights only turn on depending on what schedule you want them to be. For instance, you or your loved ones might have a hard time sleeping at night due to your bright outdoor lights. With timed exterior lighting, you can schedule the lights so that they turn on once the whole family is asleep. It will also help you save money on utility bills and offers you more control.  

However, you should know that timed exterior lighting is dimmer compared to other options, such as floodlighting. 

Motion-Activated Lighting 

Motion-activated lighting might be the ideal option for you if you want security lighting that will offer you the coverage you require without wasting too much electricity by using unnecessary energy. This form of lighting is very common in residential properties. They’re armed with a tiny sensor that will activate if it detects motion within a particular radius. Once it detects motion, it will immediately turn on the light. Thus, motion-activated lighting will only light up the area if someone is moving around your house.  

Motion-activated lights are one of the most energy-efficient and cost-effective outdoor lights available since they only turn on when required.  

HID (High-Intensity Discharge) Lighting 

HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lighting might be the ideal choice if you want outdoor lighting that is extremely bright. This particular form of security lighting is utilized in bigger structures and commercial parking lots. In previous years, a lot of homeowners have been installing HID lighting on their houses.  

The biggest benefit of HID lighting is the intensity and strength of the light it provides. No other outdoor lighting can match the power of HID lighting. typically, this is the ideal choice for bigger plots of land where a regular floodlight might not offer enough coverage.  

Keep in mind that you should first check with your homeowner’s association before you install HID lighting. The reason for this is that there might be limitations in place against this form of security lighting.  

Halogen or Solar Floodlighting 

People tend to think of floodlighting when they hear the words security lighting. For those who don’t know, floodlighting refers to lights made to highlight huge areas around the house. in general, homeowners install floodlighting in places where security lighting is a major concern. This can include exterior entryways, such as garage doors.